Honey and Spice Deli, Fitzrovia

You know those restaurants that you and your friends keep saying “Hey we need to try that” and then you never do because they are tiny and a pain to book? Honey and Co. is that restaurant for me. I’ve been wanting to go for ages. I tried to book for six people and the response I received was that I needed a ¬£10 per person deposit and we had to get the set menu. For six people! Since it was a bit more of a casual evening, I decided not to do it, but I always vowed to get back. (I still haven’t been.) But then Vicky told me about the new deli by the people behind Honey and Co., so I decided to swing my and give it a try.


It’s probably the same size as the original restaurant (I’m just guessing, remember?), and there is a very tiny seating area, but it’s definitely more of a takeaway sort of place. Showing up for lunch, there is a queue of people getting hot food from near the window. (It all looked amazing). There is also a stack of sandwiches in the window as well. There’s also a deli fridge that has drinks (including homemade orange blossom ice tea) and salads to eat immediately and some cold ingredients to take home. Because it turns out they also supply ingredients (as well as their cookbooks which I’m sure you can use the ingredients in).

Also as you’re getting ready to check out, the counters near the cash register have all the delicious looking baked goods they have for sale. And they are way too tempting. (I’m not going to even tell you how many I’ve tried, but it’s definitely more than I have photos of). But my favorite so far as been the coffee cake as it was moist (so unlike British cakes) and full of flavor. I’ve also enjoyed their cakes with fruit! (Okay I kind of want to go over there right now just thinking about it and buy their…cookbook, yeah their cookbook, no cakes, really!)

I’ve not tried any of the hot food yet, as at lunch I do try to keep it lighter with their vegetarian salads or maybe a sandwich, but one day I’ll try them because they look wonderful. And given it’s a five minute walk from my work, it’ll be easier to come back. It also has made me want to go back and try the full restaurant again (and I’ve been told they were closed for a refurbishment so they can fit more people in it now). But until then, I’ll be eating the delicious salads and sandwiches (and cakes) for lunch!

Honey and Spice
52 Warren Street


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