Yes, I want THAT steak – Loui and Jules Grillboutique, Bremen

Food:★★★  Service:★★★  Ambiance:★★★    Overall:★★★


I recently went to Bremen (Germany) to visit my family. I hadn’t seen my little nephew since November last year. This time the weather was sweltering and I was hoping for something fresh and light … maybe a vietnamese summer roll? But my brother is a dyed-in-the-wool carnivore so he took us to a really nice steak restaurant called Loui & Jules, which is located along the river. They had several tables near the main restaurant, but also along the promenade. We choose one of the later ones and had a great view over the river. This is the second branch of this restaurant, with offers more meat than the original branch in the city centre.

As soon as we sat down they brought out homemade bread, flaky salt and dipping oil to start the meal off. My brother and I had beer and Betty had home made lemonade…It tasted like they put a powder in to enhance the taste. I wasn’t a fan, but she was alright with it.

The restaurant is known for its great steak. And even though it was boiling hot … Betty was going for the steak. She had a very clear idea what she wanted … the flanksteak … but the waiter didn’t like it. He was trying to talk her out of her choice for quite some time. I do understand that they try to sell you the better cut, but if a customer says “yes, I’m aware it’s not the best cut, but is still want it ” the waiter should give it a rest. He also talked her out of having it medium rare and not only suggested she should have it medium, but practically told her that’s what she’s getting. I personally was halfway down the war path, but Betty is a better person then me. She was patiently talking to the waiter and they came to a compromise. Why she had to compromise on her choice of food in the first place is still a mystery to me. She got the steak medium to well done with a side of spinach and sweet potato fries. The fries were delicious.

My brother and I decided on a beetroot salad each, which was called “Beet’s by Dre” with some apple and herbs to start us off. He also had steak tartare and pimientos de padron. Sadly they were a bit tasteless. The tartar was great …according to my brother. I wouldn’t touched uncooked meat. I added fries with truffle oil and parmesan to my salad. Don’t want to be too healthy and I’m a sucker for truffle. Surprisingly, in the end, I preferred the sweet potato fries Betty had, even though they had truffle oil on them.

All the food was delicious. I was a big fan of the tangy and herbal beetroot salad. I don’t understand why so many people do not like beetroot. It’s a great taste.

The prices are ok for the location in Bremen. It’s a decent restaurant and I would definitely go back there, even with the mouthy waiter. Betty later on spoke to the waiter again to say that her steak was fine. He was happy to hear so, but unapologetic about his earlier sales pitch.

Loui & Joules Grillboutique
Schlachte 36
28195 Bremen


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