Press Visit: Pizza + Beer = Happy Face – Heist Bank, Paddington

Food:★★★  Service:★★★☆  Ambiance:★★★    Overall:★★★


The Boozy Bunch was invited to the Heist Bank event “Pizza And Beer In Your Face”. As Andrew was busy, I stepped in to fill the gap and Thank God I had the chance. What a fun evening. As I had plans to meet up with a friend of mine I convinced him that we will have a smashing time. Actually I just mentioned the free beer and he was all for it. The Heist Bank venue is not the easiest to find, but is a rather nice place. We were sent down into the play room, where we met experts from the three breweries and got served their beers in combination with the wood fired pizzas from Heist Bank.

Before the first round of beer and pizza we had a line up of brewers and brewery representatives and they all gave a little introduction in their companies.  One of the founder of Wildman Brew Co, Chris Wyles, later on joint our table and we had a nice talk about their lager. We also had a long chat with Fed from Fourpure, who was sitting opposite us and later on we found out more about wild hops from a representative of Wild Beer Co.

While they brewers were doing their introduction talking we got out first beer: Wolfpack Lager by Wildman Brew Co with 5.2% ABV, served by Daniel who I think was the main organiser of the evening. The lager was very nice and refreshing. It’s a surprisingly easy drinking beer for 5.2%. Perfect for a summer evening near the BBQ for sure. We then got a stunning pizza with it: Culatello, Fennel, garlic salami and mozzarella. What it didn’t know was that culatello is kind of prusciutto. Very yummy and it went well with the beer. As you can see it went quickly. Barely had a chance to take a picture before it was gone. I tried to keep up a chat with Chris from Wildman Brew, but I just don’t know enough about beers and brewing to make it through a conversation longer than 10min. I’m a disgrace to my german heritage. But I got some free merchandise from it. Was it a consolation gift?

The second round came with Juicebox IPA (5.9%) from Fourpure Brewing Co and a Lamb, Feta and Wild Rocket pizza. The beer was served in a half litre can. I don’t like drinking out of cans and would normally reject them outright when ordering beer. Well, I learned my lesson. The Juicebox IPA was an absolute delight and the guys straight away got into a discussion about the merits of larger cans. Sigh. The pizza was good as well, but with the rocket falling off easily it was a bit messy, but taste wise it went very well with the fruity and aromatic Juicebox IPA. We were meant to share a can between us, but I managed to snag us a little bit more. I have to say that I really like the concept of beer tasting with pizza. It’s an absolute no brainer of an idea.


We then moved on to the odd one: Millionaire Salted Caramel Milk Stout (4.7%) from the Wild Beer Brewing Co. I was not sure about it. The first sip was very strange. But that was only the first sip, I absolutely loved it after the second. A has a slight salty taste with the caramel coming through a little bit later. It also has a beautiful deep black colour … so the picture I took is very misleading. Sorry. The pizza they served to go with it was sadly not a good combination to this great beer. It was meant to be a Chocolate Peanut Pizza with Raspberries and Creme Fraiche. It was smothered in chocolate spread, with a few peanuts and a total of  six raspberries on and pizza together was just an absolute sugar overkill. We all agreed that this milk stout doesn’t need a sweet accompaniment. A savoury treat will work with it just fine. Something to tweak for future tastings.

Andy and I really loved the idea of beer and pizza in a tasting setting. I was great fun to talk to the brewers while devaouering some yummy pizza. I think Andy is already planning a boys night out! The beers on offer were a great range and I definitley learned something new about beer and the brewing process. And if you hadn’t had enough beer during the tatsting then you can go upstairs and enjoy the wide range on offer at Heist Bank. They have 12 beers on tap and two or three guest beers. We definitley had another pint to finish off the evening!!

Heist Bank
5 North Wharf,
W2 1LA
0207 723 8080

Monday to Thursday – 8am to 11.30pm
Friday – 8am to midnight
Saturday –  12pm to midnight
Sunday – 12pm to 10:30pm

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