The Weekly Munch, 17-23 Sep 2016

Here’s our weekly diary of what the Bunch have been eating and drinking this week…

Grant: It was a Cambridge wedding weekend for us, so we managed to get a last minute booking to Midsummer House, Cambridge’s only two-Michelin star restaurant. It was a lunch booking, but it was a lovely meal, with some cheeky servers. My favourite course was the roasted celeriac, and you’ll have to read the full review to see what else we had!


Becky: I’m a sucker for good matcha and black sesame ice cream, but hello – even better when its soft serve inside a fresh hot Taiyaki! Sweet red beans are also baked inside, and topped off with a vanilla wafer straw and mochi. This hit the spot on a super hot day, but I wasn’t as impressed with the matcha ice cream, the flavour wasn’t as intense. In any case, still something fun and different to try! Check it out at Taiyaki NYC!

Linzi: Guess who just got back today / Them wild-eyed boys that had been away. This week was a full reunion of the Bad Bunchers and to celebrate we decided on Shimogamo in Camden. Those poor people expecting a quiet dinner never saw us coming. We ordered up a storm of sake and sushi and I have to say I was rather disappointed. It isn’t the cheapest place and I just felt the food was rather uninspired and bland, particularly the sushi. Vicky will be doing a full write up so stay tuned. Does this look like roast duck to you? Maybe I’m wrong.

Grant: The 1960s were a wonderful time weren’t they? The Beatles, funny hairdos and the opening of Gaylord Restaurant. In order to celebrate their 50th anniversary, they are offering Chicken Tikka Masala at their opening prices of 30 pence per order. Well, Bella and I decided to take them up on their offer for lunch so we went in and tried it out. It was really tasty, and I had a mint paratha to go with. There wasn’t a lot of chicken, so if I had paid full price, I might have been annoyed, but for 30p, it made a great lunch and a great time to catch up with a friend!


Sanj: I was over in Munich for work this week and managed to fit in a stop at Oktoberfest after a hard day of meetings. This piled-high platter of meats, cheeses and vegetables greeted us. The highlight was local Bavarian cheese delicacy obatzda, which is a supremely healthy mix of Camembert and butter. We teamed it with its usual accompaniments of paprika, salt and pepper – and of course a few steins of the local beer!

Grant: I feel like I’m eating my way through the UK this week, as of now I could have probably done the entire munch myself! This time, Vicky and I went to Bone Daddies, Soho for some delicious Japanese. This time, I decided I needed to try the new Prince of Darkness ramen which was labelled as being very spicy on the menu. And thank goodness it was. It was also pitch black, which was slightly off-putting, but it turns out that they put a bit of squid ink in it to give it that color. Clever. Vicky enjoyed herself with the Pig Bones and the KFC, while we decided to split an order of pickles. Everything was lovely, and the pickles really helped cut the heat of the legit spicy ramen I ordered. Vicky came to tears when she tried a bit of the broth. Success! We even got to look through a bit of the cookbook that I had completely forgotten I had pre-ordered and will be arriving later today!


Becky: I love a good deal, especially while travelling. One of the nicer best value lunches I’ve had this week was at Cotenna in West Village, NY. Any selection of pasta, with a large glass of wine for $16, but what really drew me in were the $1 oysters! It was a tough choice between lobster ravioli or truffle Mac n cheese, but I’m a sucker for some good Mac! This one didn’t disappoint at all – it was creamy and stringy on the inside. The truffle wasn’t too overwhelming either, and I even polished off a basket of their warm crusty bread. The menu also has a good selection of tapas, meat and cheese, so I’ll be dragging Andrew back here this weekend!!

Reviews from the week…
Did you catch our London burger verdicts this week? Grant got a Dirty Burger (the clue is in the name) and took Vicky to Chuck Burger. Meanwhile Sanj tried out Europe’s first vegan organic Japanese restaurant near King’s Cross, Jules went beer tasting with pizza at Heist Bank while Vicky got her omakase on at the airport.

Still looking for inspiration?
Fear not, we’ve got a list of all our current favourites to the rescue! Or check out last week’s Munch here.

Have you got any foodie highlights (or lowlights!) to share from the last 7 days? Or maybe you’ve tried one of our favourites? Let us know in the comments below! Who knows, the Bunch might just check out your suggestions for a future review…

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