First eats with EatFirst

For once the stars aligned and I managed to escape work in time to take up Angelica “Jelly” Malin’s invite to the EatFirst x About Time supper club. Although it’s taken me a month to write it up (sorry!), the evening was most excellent both in terms of the food & wine and also the company.

Food: ★★★ Healthiness: ★★★ Delivery: ★★★ Value: ★★★☆☆ Overall: ★★★

What is EatFirst?

EatFirst is one of the latest entrants into the world of on-demand dining beyond your standard curry or chinese takeout. Unlike most companies in this space in London, this isn’t a delivery service but rather a fully integrated food offering. There are a number of kitchens around town which prepare the food fresh on the day and then send it out to customers in Zone 1 & 2 (with expansion to Zone 3 planned for the near future). Each order is sent out with an instruction card to guide you on preparation, heating, and suggested way to eat.

The story

EatFirst was founded by a former GS trader who saw an niche for a healthy quick delivery service to his fellow colleagues in the City. Despite knowing little to nothing about the restaurant industry, he decided to take the plunge anyways. He gathered a team around him of people who did know the industry and after a few years (and lots of trial and error), EatFirst was created in its current form.

That’s nice. How’s the food?

On the night itself, the food was excellent from the hummus and crudités starter, a rare beef salad and slaw, a grilled vegetable Panini (one of my favourites!), along with a few other things. However, the proof of the concept would only be tested in ordering in the normal course of business.

Thanks to a discount voucher from EatFirst, I opted to try it out for lunch the following week and ordered a butternut squash quesadilla, some edamame, and a courgette salad.

The food arrived on time and neatly packaged in a solid paper bag (reusable although not strong enough for your shopping). Granted, presentation wasn’t top notch but I reckon it’s damn hard to get anything up to restaurant style presentation and deliver it more than 10 steps.

Following the instructions, I heated up the quesadilla and laid it out with all the sauces. Flavour-wise, it was quite tasty but in hindsight a quesadilla wasn’t the greatest option for re-heated as the tortilla was a bit gummy. Still, for around £7 it was a decent value option and beat my usual plate of food from the canteen.

The edamame and courgette salad portions were massive (I ended up saving half of it for the next day). The edamame was perfectly cooked and served with a healthy sprinkling of coarse salt. The courgette salad was extremely fresh and crunchy with the shavings of a hard cheese a nice extra touch, provided you like cheese that is.

Worth the dosh?

Overall I would have spent £16 excluding the voucher. That’s a bit much for a delivered lunch although I did over order on the salads. Still, I probably won’t be looking to get it daily but as a treat (particularly as it’s a bit healthier than my normal option) it’s a solid choice.

Find EatFirst here

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