Let’s not get fooled by the outside – Kimchi, Bremen

Food:★★★  Service:★★★☆  Ambiance:★★☆    Overall: ★★★☆ 


Another evening with the family in Bremen … another restaurant. I have the feeling my brother doesn’t like cooking. Or maybe they both don’t know how to? Never mind I’m actually not complaining. The weather was just splendid. We just came back from a lovely time near the Weser river and none of us was in the mood for a heavy German meal.

So let’s try out the local Korean restaurant. My brother was actually not aware of this place, even though he loves Korean, so I had to help him with a bit of magic googling. It really shows you who has the brains in the family.

Kimchi is in a quit street near a big hospital and between two more known shopping streets. Don’t ask me for more details, as I have no clue. I just sit in the back of the car. They only open from 6pm and so it came to be that we were the first people in the restaurant. After all you cannot go out too late with a toddler. It doesn’t look like a Korean restaurant … more like a old style German pub that was slightly adjusted so it looked like a restaurant.


But the menu looked very good. We ordered Manu (or otherwise known as Gyoza) to start with, as my brothers girlfriend was a bit sceptical about the spice level in all the Kimchi food. I guess my brother and I were not helping as we were gushing about how spicy and lovely Kimchi can be. And so it came as no surprise that my brother went with the Kimchi soup. It was a good one, but I think they scaled down the spice. He and I were a bit disappointed. Maybe they have to do it for the German market. I’m also not a fan of the cubed tofu, as it adds nothing to the soup.


As mains we had Dolsot Bi-Bim-Bab … one with meat for Betty and one veggie for me. It was truly amazing. It had the right crunchy consistence at the bottom and only needed a little bit more spice for me, which meant it was perfect for Betty. My brother, who doesn’t eat carbs after 6pm, had the Bugogi. Marinated beef with sesame oil and some vegetables. All this came with Banchan – four little dishes of pickled goodness. We were literally in food heaven. Betty and I managed to spoil the Dolsot Bi-Bim-Bab for my brother by mixing it through before saying “Oh, I forgot to offer you something before and now there is rice everywhere.” *sad face* That’s what you get for not eating carbs in the evening.


I have to admit that we were all a bit sceptical when we approached the restaurant, but it proved us wrong. When we left it was rather busy and I’m not surprised, as it was finger licking good. Nothing was left behind.


Don’t judge this place by its table covers. The food was delicious and other than the level of spice, not very different to the things I’ve eaten in London. Sadly, I’m unable to compare it with the real thing, as I’ve never been to Korea. Until I visit it myself, I will visit places like Kimchi Restaurant to get good Korean food.

Restaurant KIMCHI
Humboldtstr. 188a,
28203 Bremen

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