Fatburger: the classy 3am of burgers

Last night a few members of the blog experienced one of the most disappointing and expensive meals of our friendship. So disappointing, in fact, that I announced midway through ‘let’s leave, I want chicken’. But we didn’t, we stayed and finished the meal and then headed out into the night in search of better. Well, if not better then cheaper and more satisfying.

Fatburger loomed in the horizon, rather awkwardly positioned right next door to a Byron. Why do this? It seemed such a weird real estate choice. I had been to Fatburger in Canada and had almost forgotten it existed at all. I don’t understand why it has bothered to open in London’s saturated burger market. It’s designed like a fast food joint and looks a bit grotty but is actually pricier than McDonald’s. On the brightside, they have curly fries and sweet potato fries, beat that Byron!

Fatburger is American, it opened in 1947 and calls itself  The Last Great Hamburger Stand. To be fair to them, I think it actually might be. Why? Simplicity. They have a no-fuss menu and you can get your burgers in 5 sizes of patties with toppings like egg, bacon, cheese or chilli. If you actually want an American burger experience, then this is probably close to it in London.

The burger definitely has that basic ‘fast food’ taste. It’s not gourmet but it does the job if you’re looking for a certain something. I had to pick all the pickles out of mine, because yuck, but it was all right. How I’d describe it? It’s 2am, you’re hungry but not desperate enough to join the hordes at Chicken Cottage and McDonalds, you still have some class. Some.

Since I wanted chicken, we went for some of their tenders. A carrot slice and celery to keep it healthy, you know. I wouldn’t recommend the tenders, they had a bit too much spice for me and the blue cheese sauce was just watery unpleasantness.

However, their Reese’s Peanut Butter shake was INCREDIBLE. The other guys at the table had gone for Red Velvet but that just tasted like sweet chemicals. The peanut butter one will haunt my dreams.

If I was to rate Fatburger in a fight I’d say it could take out McDonalds and Burger King easy, it’s probably in the same weight class as Five Guys but not a contender for the championship at any point.

When 2am calls, get the milkshake.

If you’re stumbling around Camden, you can find it at:
Unit 3, 10 Jamestown road

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