Vietnamese in Prenz’l Berg – Thuy Nga, Berlin

Ohhh Berlin! I love my home city for its grungy corners and constant building sites. It keeps its old European flair while trying to make itself beautiful by brute force. Listen to me … trying very hard to be poetic in a blog about food.

Every time I have the chance I go to this particular Vietnamese restaurant in Prenzlauer Berg in North Berlin and I always bring someone new along. It’s perfect for friends from the UK or the US as the menu is in German and in English. I haven’t been to Berlin very often so I only visited three times in the last … well … three years. Thuy Nga is near the station of  Eberswalder Strasse, which means its in the middle of Prenzlauer Berg, or Prenz’l Berg if you are in a hurry. This time around they had massive building works in front of the restaurant, but still everybody decided to sit outside. The weather was just too good.


As usual for me I got Uta to agree that we should start our order with some Summer Rolls with tofu. Sadly this time around I wasn’t a great fan. Not enough fresh herbs and veg and just a little bit too much tofu. I then decided to have Mien soup with glass noodles, tofu, coriander and other vegetables. It’s a very light flavour and not at all comparable with ramen soup or any European noodle soup. It’s more along the line of thin chicken soup. As I’m a sucker for hot food I decided had to have it, even though it was rather hot outside … no salad will do if there is hot food to have. But I was happy to see that it wasn’t too heavy for the occasion.  My cousin had Sot Mango, which is freshly cooked mango, peppers and other vegetables in mango sauce plus salmon on top. I tried the vegetables and there were delicious. All of it super fresh and tasty.


Cousin Uta with Tofu Summer roll
Sot Mango with salmon
Mien Soup

When I went with Caro last winter, we also had mint-ginger tea and she has told me that now she prefers her tea like this and does it the same way at home, as she loved it so much.

If you ever come to Berlin with me I will definitely take you to this place. It’s good value for money, the food is super fresh and delicious and it’s close to a whole lot of fun shops and entertainment, like the Kulturbrauerei, which offers everything from food markets to concerts and cinemas.

Restaurant Thuy Nga
Pappelallee 19
10437 Berlin

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