The Weekly Munch, 1-7 Oct 2016

Here’s our weekly diary of what the Bunch have been eating and drinking this week…

Grant: After about a year of planning, a few of us finally managed to get our sushi on at The Araki. We had several courses of amazing fish which we enjoyed with some delicious sake. You’ll have to read about the whole meal in the review coming out later, but for now, here’s a teaser of the best piece of nigiri sushi I’ve ever eaten.



Jules: So work took us out for a team building evening at the Ivy cafe In Marylebone. It’s a lovely space and the staff is very cute. The food is English standard with filet and fish&chips on the menu. I had a pumpkin soup to start which was poured into the plate. Nice touch. Review to come soon.



Yee Gan: Emma and I are starting to explore the area around our new house. We found a little local gem – Waroeng in Aldershot, which serves Indonesian food. We enjoyed the satay and beef rendang curry.


Andrew: After almost two years, my wife (Becky) is finally moving back to London. And what better way to celebrate than biscuits because who doesn’t love biscuits? This was made even better by a surprise gift from a new cousin who went to The Biscuit Box (with stores in Seattle, WA and Guernsey) for this awesome wedding themed biscuit set!

Grant: I finally worked my way to Som Saa for Thai food with Vicky and Bella! We’ve talked about it for months but queuing drives me crazy, so we had to wait until we had enough for a booking. Then there was a cancellation kerfuffle, but we managed to get in and give it a try. My favorite dish was the duck egg and jackfruit custard. So moreish. The crispy shallots on the side just gave a bit of savory notes and texture that really elevated the dish to something special!


Andrew: Pizza and burgers are constantly at war for the right to be my favourite food. And when you are NY, no pizza crawl is complete without a visit to Joe’s Pizza. The simple plain slice is so damn tasty and just perfect. I don’t know how they get the base uber thin and crispy but it’s everything I could want in a pie. 

Grant: I met up with the lovely Bella, Vicky and Linzi for lunch at Bone Daddies, Old Street. They were definitely leaning toward the fried-things-on-sticks route, but I felt like I needed a giant hug in a bowl, so I tried the chicken curry ramen for the first time. It may be my new favorite ramen! It was like a bowl full of katsu curry soup with noodles. Definitely needed after the week I’ve had. I did try a few of the skewers, and I fell in love with the potato salad skewer and the stuffed padron pepper skewer. I then had to fight off food requests from my lunch-time companions after they found out I had a deep fryer at home. Apparently deep fried mars bars ice cream dipped into chocolate fondue is going to become a thing.


Reviews from the week…
It was a meaty week for the Bunchers! Andrew gave the steak at Macelliao RC his overwhelming approval. Vicky thinks that stuffing herself on the delicious meat at Zelman Meats gave her a bit of a food baby. Linzi is ready for a greasy Fatburger after a night of drinking while Grant is still unsure about the burgers from the new Qatari import Burgeri. Jules, however, decided to have a meat-free Vietnamese meal at Thuy Nga while visiting Berlin.

Still looking for inspiration?
Fear not, we’ve got a list of all our current favourites to the rescue! Or check out last week’s Munch here.

Have you got any foodie highlights (or lowlights!) to share from the last 7 days? Or maybe you’ve tried one of our favourites? Let us know in the comments below! Who knows, the Bunch might just check out your suggestions for a future review…

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