Nutty delights – Atlas Bar, Copenhagen

After our splash out at Geist on Friday, we decided to go more mainstream on Saturday. Again we were looking for something Danish, but as I don’t eat fish and Pam doesn’t eat red meat we were in a little bit of a pickle.

So we decided on vegetarian, as we were both happy with it. Copenhagen, like so many other places in Europe, isn’t big on Vegetarian or Vegan food. We are quite lucky in London that so many people love to try and genuinely like to eat Vegetarian/Vegan/Raw food. Our guide book said that the Atlas Bar is known for its vegetarian options. It’s located in what I think we can call the student part of town. It’s surrounded by other bars and restaurants, so do not despair if you cannot get a seat…which can happen. It’s a popular place. When we arrived around 6.30pm it was already fully booked, with many tables reserved.

As it was chilly outside we decided that we rather like to sit at the bar. Tables are overrated anyway. The service we got was great. Water arrived nearly instantaneously, a bottle of wine followed and some nice bread. We had a nice look around. The restaurant was cozy, with low lightning and the name of the bar was kind of reflected in the maps under the glass table tops. Our bar counter was done in shiny steel.

We discussed with the waiter, if we should have a starter each and he said it wouldn’t be a good idea as the mains are rather large. I love it if the staff is honest and not just tries to push their food. We shared a Turnip Soup, but were not particularly impressed by it. For me a soup has to have some pieces in it. I’m not a big fan of puree soup, so you will not find me writing poems about it. We got Nutpatty made of hazelnuts, potatoes, carrots, onions and celery, served with 3 different salads and tzatziki for Pam. Sadly I could not find the name of my dish on the online menu anymore, but it clearly had beetroot in it. I thing they may called it a beetroot roast? It doesn’t look very different to what Pam had and to be honest … it didn’t taste very different either. It was tasty and we had a great meal, but I like my food with  more spice and different flavours. BUT the waiter was right … it was a big portion and we were actually too full for dessert.


All in all a very pleasant, but not very inventive meal. If this is the height of vegetarian cooking in Copenhagen, then I’m just a little bit happy not to live there.

Atlas Bar
Larsbjørnsstræde 18 st
1454 Copenhagen K

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