Abel and Cole: 21st Century Vegetable Man

When I was a child in Ireland we used to have a man who drove round the houses in his big black BMW selling vegetables out of the trunk. Don’t get me wrong, it was as weird as it sounds. For some reason my mum felt sorry for him and always bought potatoes and they always had black spots but for some reason, she kept buying them. I think she felt sorry for him.

Now it’s 2016 in London and it seems like the most extravagant thing is to have organic fruit and vegetables delivered to your home. But I’ve discovered that it really isn’t. It’s actually pretty affordable, healthy and fun.

I had always been interested in getting veg boxes delivered but it wasn’t till I happened upon an Abel and Cole pop up that I decided to give it a try. Their website is an actual delight to use, so intuitive and user friendly. They have more than just vegetables but meat and fish boxes and also those ‘meals in a box’ options made famous by Gousto and Hello Fresh. I decided on one of their small fruit and veg boxes. It’s about £13, including delivery, and you get three fruits and five vegetables. You can even swap out items you don’t like.


The exciting thing about Abel and Cole is their variety: purple carrots, yellow spaghetti squash, beautiful romanesco broccoli. This is stuff you won’t see in your standard Tesco Express, which is a huge reason why I subscribe and why I’ve continued to get their boxes week after week.

I’ve made a couple of really great dishes, including purple potato salad with their Vitelotte potatoes, and a frequent favourite of mine, lemon kale. Check out the phenomenal colour of that cavolo nero!

Another part of the reason I had signed up was because of the endless amount of plastic and packaging you get with supermarket vegetables and you might be thinking that getting a box delivered is hardly good for the environment either. Yes, Abel and Cole does have some packaging in its boxes and maybe a bit more than I would like. However, when I contacted them about it, I received a very thorough email taking my feedback onboard and detailing ways in which they cut down on packaging wherever possible. Also, you can leave your empty box and packaging out for them to collect and recycle, which is a great initiative.

Since I’ve been a member, Abel and Cole have let me know that I’ve supported 57 farmers and they’ve used zero air miles getting my food to me.

I’ve recently added their Fabulous Meat and Fish box to my order and get two portions of meat and a fish delivered packed in some freezer bags. Again the variety you get in cuts of meat and fish is a lot of fun and great quality. I’ve spent a lot more time thinking about what we eat and valuing the origins of my food. Organic meat might seem like a luxury but ordering it through Abel and Cole like this is very affordable.

At first I thought it would be annoying to get a weekly delivery, since we don’t have a door man, but they typically arrived before 8am each Wednesday and if I don’t answer the door, they pop it under the hedge.

See their range of boxes and sign up to Abel and Cole here. They have a lot of offers and give their customers little gifts every so often such as money off or discounts on the rest of their organic ranges.

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