The Weekly Munch, 22-28 Oct 2016

Here’s our weekly diary of what the Bunch have been eating and drinking this week…

Jules: Saturday …what a glorious day it was. Too good to sit at home working on my DIY project. I have the whole winter for that. So I decided to visist the famous Nunhead Cemetary, one of the old Magnificient Seven Victorian cemeteries in London. But before that walk I needed some food and the Taco Queen caught my eye. It’s currently located in the Rye Wax cafe in Peckham. So I took the opportunity to have a Kimichi taco (Kimchi, grilled cheese, sesame, Sriracha mayo dip) and a Fourpour stout. Not the best combination, but the two things separately were absolutely delicious.

Yee Gan: Emma and I tried another new local restaurant, Anderson’s in Farnham. It serves well cooked versions of British classics – we had pork medallions and lamb shank for mains. However, they’re not above an experiment or two. I had the seafood glory for starter – layers of prawn and crayfish cocktail served with avocado ice cream. Yummy.

Becky: Sipsmith was hosting a free gin cocktail event tonight in Ealing, and it happened to be at one of my favourite spots so far: Charlotte’s W5.  Sweet, free booze – but I have to admit, I was more looking forward to trying something new at Charlotte’s.  I tried some small tapas, but one of the things I loved was the roasted cauliflower and Manchester cheddar tart – I could’ve eaten a bunch more of these!  I was expecting a traditional tart, but it was roasted cauliflower, with cauliflower puree on top of some sort of puff pastry, with a cheddar crisp on top.  So simple but so good!! Can’t wait to go back and try some more tapas!

Grant: I love being able to tell friends about the area they live, so when a friend of mine who lives in Battersea had NO idea that Dip & Flip existed, I planned an excursion to go. Luckily we were joined by a few others and stopped for drinks at next door Adventure Bar before grabbing the burgers. The non-veggies opted for the bacon cheese burger (rookie mistake), but I went whole hog with the Lamb Dip & Flip Burger with the addition of an egg and green chili. It’s pretty much the best combination there, and you get the amazing gravy to dip in it. I kind of want another one now…


Linzi: I had the unexpected meal of my life this week at the The Hunter S near Dalston. We went in for a drink, marvelled at all the sexy photos in the bathrooms and the deer heads on the wall and ordered up a Beef Wellington to share. Now, be warned, it takes 40 minutes to prepare as is cooked fresh so order some starters for the wait. It’s well worth your patience as the meat is incredibly tender and cooked to perfection. The chef’s secret is that he wraps the meat in a pancake before encasing it in pastry. Please tell me you will go there and try it!

Sanj: I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with long-time veggie restaurant Mildred’s. The ridiculous queues, the volume, the overpriced mains… but then every few visits I hit one really amazing dish that makes me come back for more. This time it was the Sri Lankan sweet potato and green bean curry with pea basmati and coconut sambal. Delicately and deliciously flavoured; I practically licked the plate clean!



Grant: Did you know that in some parts of the world, bugs are commonly eaten? It may even be that insects are the future of food as ounce for ounce they contain more protein, magnesium and iron than beef! So to celebrate the Hallowe’en weekend, Bubbledogs in Fitzrovia is offering diners the chance to try them on their hotdogs for only an additional 50p! I jumped at the opportunity to try them, and I added them to this month’s guest dog: The Fennel Countdown. They were crunchy, spicy and delicious, and they were a great addition to the dog. And you can try them yourself if you get down to Bubbledogs this weekend and through Hallowe’en. Enjoy!


Reviews from the week…
Andrew and Becky tried real burgers at the Flaming Cow while Grant had the best sushi of his life at high end joint The Araki. Meanwhile Jules went veggie in Copenhagen and Linzi gave the organic veg boxes from Abel & Cole a try.

Still looking for inspiration?
Fear not, we’ve got a list of all our current favourites to the rescue! Or check out last week’s Munch here.

Have you got any foodie highlights (or lowlights!) to share from the last 7 days? Or maybe you’ve tried one of our favourites? Let us know in the comments below! Who knows, the Bunch might just check out your suggestions for a future review…

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