Chocolate board in a pub? – The Queen’s Head, near Kings Cross

Food: ★★★☆  Service:★★★☆  Ambiance:★★★★   Overall: ★★★★☆


This was the second time that Pam and I were looking for a nice, not overly pricey pub near Kings Cross. The last time we gave up and settled on The Betjemans Arms, which is not cheap. It was nice enough, but we didn’t fancy going back there. So we walked on … and on … and on. Ok, it wasn’t actually that far, but I had just finished a day  of Open House volunteering and was starving. STARVING I’m telling you!! And still we couldn’t agree on a pub. We stepped into several ones along the way, but either we thought they were too expensive, too much Old-Men-Pub or we couldn’t find anything on the menu we liked. Yes, we are picky.

Not to bore you any longer … we found this little pub in one of the side streets near Kings Cross: The Queen’s Pub

It’s a cutesy little pub and has some real nice atmosphere to it. Also … just look at these amazing tiles. That colour, that amazing crackle glaze, the red grouting, the lovely leaf motif …


Anyhow … we walked up to the bar and I think we were still unsure if we wanted to stay or walk on, but the bartender made us feel so welcome we just had to buy a bottle of red … after he gave us a taster. That’s how you get willy nilly people like us to stay: rope them in with tasters. And we had a look at the menu: Chocolate Board in a pub? While this thought flashed through my mind … or rather crawled, after the day I had … the bartender got really excited about our interest in it. He told us that it is a new item on the menu and that he takes a picture whenever he makes one. Awww! He even showed me a picture. Awww²! We sat down and after figuring out that they had no hot food, I convinced Pam that we can have dessert i.e. chocolate board before dinner. We made a deal: hummus and pitta to start, bottle of wine in the middle and then chocolate board. Maybe some hot food somewhere else after that.

And that’s how it went … kinda … we basically had everything at the same time, but who cares. It was delicious. The hummus was lovely and smooth. The wine was great and I will see if I can find it online and buy a crate of it. The chocolate board had figs in chocolate, strawberries, coconut chocolate and chocolate wafers on it. And a mini jug of honey … not sure why. I liked the whole thing anyway.


The Queen’s Head is a comfortable pub, with a great cold food menu and some nice wines. I’ll be back here for sure, as I seem to be unabale to avoid King Cross.

The Queen’s Head
66 Acton Street,

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