Unbelievable chicken at Chick’n’Sours!

I have a confession: I am chronically lazy. This means that I a) enjoy food being brought to me while lazing on the sofa (not take outs though, I like it hot and fresh- volunteers anyone?) and b) I make a terrible food blogger as I can’t be bothered to schlep all across town for the latest and greatest openings. Imagine my happiness when Chick’n’Sours made so much money and noise that they finally opened a branch bang in the middle of Covent Garden!  YAY. Fried chicken is my spirit food and I couldn’t wait to taste it. What’s more, they do reservations (and I’d highly recommend you reserve, the day we visited they were fully booked and turning people away for lunch) so that Grant, Mr. ‘I’m-allergic-to-queues’ could come too. The beautiful Bella tagged along too to make a perfect fried chicken trio.

I genuinely loved the space with the giant mirror at the end of the room. This was used super effectively and it took several double takes to realise that the room was tiny (hence the turning of people away)! They also had a boombox (yes you read that right) playing 80s tunes in the loo- the clever combination of staff locker room and guest toilets was worthy of a team of Disney imagineers.

What about the meal though? Grant and I started off with cocktails (he didn’t like his Negroni Sour, which was almost entirely unlike a negroni, apparently) and I had the Chick’n’Club- sour and infused with vitamin c rich blackberries (LOL), the perfect start to lunch. Bella loved her lemonade, arguably the best drink of the lot. I liked my cocktail and while I didn’t think it won any prizes, I would be happy to come back for just a couple drinks… but why would you just drink when the food was SO GOOD?

Seriously, everything you heard about this place is true. Starting with the orgasmic nachos, a chickeny cheese tortilla heaven. Don’t miss out on this! It was crunchy, oozy… everything a plate of food should be. In fact, I was surprised a fight didn’t break out over the last of it.


Perhaps it was because our second course of aubergine and disco wings arrived. The aubergine kinda reminded me of agadashi (fried japanese) tofu- very light and crunchy yet a bit saucy at the same time. It was less hot than I anticipated as well, despite proclaiming itself as Szechaunese. Grant and I split the disco wings, so we settled on merely ‘hot’- I’m sure he would have prefered ‘hot’n’numbing’. These again were surprisingly tame spice wise and had a nice sweetness to it. I paired it with the traditional blue cheese dip- their St. Agur dip is one of the best blue cheese dips I had in the UK, unctuous, smooth and bursting with flavour. I’d go for the even hotter version next time so these are most suitable for even the most babies of spice eaters ( I count myself as one).

For the main show, Grant and Bella both went for the burger option- I must admit they looked amazing! These were super generous and neither of them finished their chips (I was almost full by this time and really struggled to finish my amazing fried chicken so I didn’t try theirs). Personally I kept it clean and simple with the house fries (I really REALLY wanted the watermelon pickles) and it didn’t disappoint. Super crunchy on the outside and hyper moist on the inside, these were indeed KFC’s hyperbred cousins and totally hit the spot. The watermelon pickles were blindingly good (I was so nice to share!) and overall, one of the best plate of fried chicken ever.

Would we be back? Snail slow service aside, everything else were spot on and the waitstaff were super friendly, patient and helpful. So yes, definitely!

Price: £30 per extremely greedy head including one drink, but you can be frugal and just go for a plate of house fry which will set you off less than a tenner.

Grant’s notes: I went back with Yee Gan and Becky to try out the Guest Fry and the Hot and Numbing wings (which you may have noticed from the photos above). Highly recommended, and both Yee Gan and Becky approve of the chicken as well.

1A Earlham Street, Covent Garden

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