The Weekly Munch, 5-11 Nov 2016

Here’s our weekly diary of what the Bunch have been eating and drinking this week…

Grant: What does a weekend in Barcelona bring? The best tapas of your life! I (and several friends) had a boozy holiday weekend in Barcelona, so we had to hit up Tickets Bar for an eventful and drunken meal. The best part was probably the desserts, but we also had some amazing savoury dishes as well. I was having too good of a time to get many photos, but here’s an octopus tentacle to tantalise your tastebuds!


Jules: Over the weekend I was away in Sheffield visiting family. I managed to convince them to go and look around the Antiques Quarter on a windy, rainy day and got some grief for it. To cheer up everyone we went to have pizza at the Picture House Social. This events venue has some surprisingly good Neapolitan style pizza for £6 each. I had butternut squash with goats cheese and red onion and my cousin had a simple margarita. It definitely hit the right spot and my family has forgiven me for dragging them around stuffy, old antique shops.


Grant: It’s getting cold in London, so it’s a perfect time for ramen! I headed to Kanada-Ya for some of their amazing, spicy Gekikara Ramen. It’s just the thing to heat you up on that cold winter’s day…


Becky: One of my favorite comfort foods that I especially miss on a chilly night is claypot rice, so I finally took a crack at making it myself for the first time!  Its pretty much a one-pot meal of rice and your marinated protein on top (mine was chicken and shiitake mushroom), but the mouthwatering part is being able to perfect the crispy rice base at the bottom of the pot.  I’ve had it twice in London, but left the restaurant disappointed as the rice ended up being hard and dry, and stuck in my teeth. BUT, I’m happy to say that I was able to create a nice crunchy shell at the bottom, and I’ll be making this dish more often! It took a lot of patience (and a cast iron pot), but it totally worked.  Yum!

Grant: It was quite awhile since I had gotten to see Linzi, Bella and Vicky (mostly due to everyone leaving on staggered holidays), so we decided to go to Linzi’s and have an UberEats party. It was a race to see who got their food first (I won), but we had a smorgasbord of burgers from Le Bun, chicken from Bird, pizza and sushi. Sadly, there wasn’t a giant group photo of food, but here’s my double truffle burger from Le Bun that was a hit with everyone!


Sanj: My sister and I took shelter from the cold in Pix on Neal Street and soon warmed up with some pintxos and sangria. It’s a cosy spot with an interesting (/dangerous!) system whereby you go up to the counter and grab all the tapas you want then count the skewers at the end to pay. Watch out, they add up quickly! But there were plenty of tasty options to choose from, my favourite being the goats’ cheese and marinated fig on sourdough.

Yee Gan: Today, the cold weather was perfect for ramen. I had spotted that Shuang Shuang on Shaftesbury Avenue were hosting Yamagoya Ramen’s pop up in London. I opted for the Yamagoya ramen, which is basically their version of my favourite tonkotsu ramen with pork broth. It was lovely but could have done with a little more salt to lift it. The chicken kara age was a bit late in arriving and was nothing special. They’re at Shuang Shuang til the end of December.

Reviews from the week…
Did you catch Grant getting to cook with Michel Roux Jr? Meanwhile Jules was a little underwhelmed by The Ivy Cafe, while Sanj had fried chicken for brunch at Clutch Chicken. Further afield, Yee Gan visited Martin Wishart for the tasting menu at Cameron House while Becky had one of the most memorable meals of her year at Cotenna in NYC.

Still looking for inspiration?
Fear not, we’ve got a list of all our current favourites to the rescue! Or check out last week’s Munch here.

Have you got any foodie highlights (or lowlights!) to share from the last 7 days? Or maybe you’ve tried one of our favourites? Let us know in the comments below! Who knows, the Bunch might just check out your suggestions for a future review…

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