Artful cafe with mega amazing cake – Moffee Kaffeebar, Copenhagen

Food:★★★  Service:★★★★★  Ambiance:★★★★   Overall: ★★★★★


I know I bore everyone with my boring cake reviews and so I will make this short and sweet.

While spending a leisurely weekend in Copenhagen my friend an I really took to this amazing café on the fringes of the city centre. Based between a busy dual carriageway called Gyldenløvesgade and a small side street called Nansengade this lovely café was like another round of sleep for my “it’s too early to be up” hangover. It clearly was a flat before, as the rooms were small and had a strange layout. Each was decorated individually and with an eclectic aray of furniture. There was one room were the walls were painted in gold…and it worked. I especially liked the green room with its old-fashioned sofas and mirror display. I wish we had more time in Copenhagen, so we could have more days having breakfast in every room, as they were just so lovingly quirky



But let us talk about breakfast: The first morning we just had bread with cheese and butter (smør bolle). After all we were on a budget. Pamela was skeptical, as the rolls looked very healthy with seeds on top and all … but the bread was freshly baked and it makes all the difference. We were back the following morning and we could not resist the  cake display. Never too early for cake. And you can see on their Facebook page that Moffee always seems to have fantastic looking cakes!!


We were greedy that second morning and ordered the before mentioned smør bolle, plus carrot cake, plus banana bread. The cakes were heaven on a plate. Especially the banana bread, as it was firstly a huge piece and secondly amazingly moist and not too sweet. It has spoiled me a bit and I haven’t been for cake in the UK since.  The coffee came in mismatched mugs and was very good as well..


All around the place was just lovely and I wish this would be the coffee shop around the corner from me. You would find me sitting there nearly everyday … coffee in one hand, a good book in the other … empty plate in front of me. Sigh.


Moffee Kaffeebar
Gyldenløvesgade 16
1369 Copenhagen
+45 53 89 69 79

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