Bone Daddies: Old Street 

It is well established that the boozy bunch are fans of Bone Daddies, after all they were crowned the winners of Ramen Wars earlier this year! However when each branch carries a different menu it’s not enough to like the chain, you can also have a favourite branch. And old street is mine. Perhaps surprisingly I haven’t tried the ramen here, it always looks great but what keeps me coming back is the kushikatsu. The deep fried delicious morsels on a stick are just so good that I never get past the first half of the menu.

I think by now I have tried every variety, and there are a fair few to choose from. But I need to start with a special mention of the cheesy Japanese potato salad kushikatsu – mostly so that if you ever go there with me you will take seriously my intention to order some just for me, no sharing! I mean I will share the rest of my food but if you even look at my potato salad skewers in a longing way I’m not sure I can be responsible for what happens next. When I was in Japan the night I arrived we ate in an izakaya near our airbnb, we walked in and sat down and they automatically brought us over some potato salad and so it was the first food I ate in Japan and it was soooo good I have been looking to replicate it ever since. So maybe it’s for sentimental reasons I love it, or maybe it’s just because potato in all forms is delicious, add homemade mayo and what’s not to love? But therein lies a dilemma, similar to coleslaw it’s something I love but it’s basically an accompaniment and so not something you can have on its own – right? That was until bone daddies covered and fried it and suddenly it is even more tasty, and something you can order legit on it’s own.

In fact last time I was there I decided that next time I am only ordering that and the sweet spicy pig bones, because before my head turned with the potato the pig bones truly stole my heart. They have such a lot of delicious flavour, and are so moreish. There is a lot of tender meat on every bone and this is the one dish which always garners envious looks from everyone else fortunate/unfortunate enough to be sharing our table (I guess it depends on your feelings towards copious amounts of selfies and food photos as to whether sharing a table with some of the more raucous bunch members is a good or bad thing).

Other items of note on the menu are the padróns, bacon and cheddar and the prawn and braised shiitake. Funnily enough although the ibérico & roast onion came highly recommended and we were told that it was one of the most popular sticks, it was far from our favourite. I enjoyed the soft shell crab but it didn’t blow me away so I would stick to double cheesy potato salad sticks for the same price. Both the Salmon sashimi and tartare were enjoyable but not particularly stand out for me, but again it’s hard to compete with the sticks.

Bone Daddies, I hope that you keep opening new locations as I’m excited to see what else you may have in store for us, you have won the ramen wars and now you have won my admiration for making an amazing dish even better!

Bone Daddies
Unit C, Ground Floor, The Warehouse, The Bower, 211 Old Street, EC1V 9NR

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