Kerb Camden

Since living in London, I’ve become a huge fan of the street food available around the city. In fact, many of my favorite places to grab food originated as a street food vendor, such as Bleecker Street Burger and Homeslice Pizza. So I was extremely pleased when Kerb announced they were opening a permanent location at Camden Market. That’s right! There is an amazing street food market deep within Camden Market that consists of around twenty permanent stalls. There is so much that I want to try.

To be fair, Camden Market is already full of amazing food, drink and shops, but this just adds to the reasons to go and check it out. The last time I went, I tried the pizza from Fundi pizza. It’s a nice, thin crust with an amazing topping of ‘Ndjua sausage and honey. It was a great sweet/savory combination with a huge hit of spice.

Fundi Pizza

If burgers are your thing, Kerb Camden has it in spades! You can grab a nice, spiced Indian burger from Bhangra burger. It’s got a great kick of Indian flavor that really makes it stand out from the regular burgers. However, there is also an interesting looking beef bourguignon burger from Patate that I’ve been dying to try as well as the  90 day aged beef burger from Burger and Beyond. Who doesn’t want a burger that’s been aged to perfection? I’m looking forward to trying both of them soon!

Bhangra Burger

Speaking of Indian food, there are a few places to get your Indian wraps! I’ve tried the one from Kolkati where you get a great kati roll with an egg on top. Apparently it’s quite traditional in that part of the world. I opted for the veggie option with Paneer, because I’m quite the fan of that cheesy goodness!

Kati roll from Kolkati

There is also food from around the world! If Mexican or South American is your thing, there are plenty of options. The best vegan Mexican in London (or so I claim in this list) is here in Club Mexicana. If you’re looking for a more traditional burrito you can find it at Luardos. There is also a place to get Columbian food, or one of my my favorite Venezuelan foods: Arepas. My friend first introduced them to me in Barcelona, and I’ve been trying to make them at home ever since (and failing). The Arepaza Bros make some tasty arepas to fill that need though, so when I’ve got a craving, I definitely know where to go.

Delicious Arepa from Arepazo Bros

If you prefer Asian, there are korean burritos from Kimchinary or a place to get Bahn Mi. If you’re a fan of Bao Buns, there’s even a place that has a selection for you to try! If you’re looking to be extremely multicultural (as I was one day), you can even pair them up with the halloumi fries from Oli Baba’s.

If you’re craving something sweet, there’s plenty of that to go around as well. From Vegan brownies to churros to the ice cream sandwiches at Blu Top Ice Cream, you will find what you need to satisfy that sweet tooth. And the ice cream sandwiches are pretty fantastic. They’ve just launched a new hot brioche ice cream sandwich that I’m going to have to give a try.


Kerb has always offered so much variety, but now they have a permanent location with so many vendors, I’m not sure how a person could work their way through it all. Thankfully, I work relatively close so it means I can give it a try, and there are definitely a few things I want to try before I go. There’s plenty of barbeque and bagels and burgers to go around, and I highly recommend checking it out if you’re in the Camden area sometime! (And if you live in the area, apparently you can order a lot of stuff through Deliveroo!)

Kerb Camden
Camden Lock Pl, London NW1 8AF

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