Happy One Year Birthday to Us

Hi all! One year ago today we went live to the world with nine posts from our writers about restaurants from around the world! Since then, we’ve done some amazing things with the site:

We had an entire week devoted to finding the best Ramen in London. It showcased the ever amazing Ramen scene in London, and made some of our writers into huge Ramen fans!

We’ve written a whopping 342 blog posts! Most of them restaurant reviews, but we also had our ever popular and fun The Weekly Munch showing what we get up to every week. This also included a new food-related blog post every weekday to keep your tastebuds tantalised!

However, there are changes afoot at The Boozy Bunch, and we feel this is the best time to be telling you about all of this:

Sadly, Daniel had left the bunch over the summer. He is now a real writer for theatre reviews. So if you have an interest in theatre and like his writing, you can find his blog and reviews here! (We still get to see Daniel’s lovely face when he manages to find time in his busy theatre schedule to come along on fantastic unlimited brunches!)

Alas, Grant is also leaving us! He is moving back to San Francisco in January, so needs to focus on moving and job hunting. He has big plans to come back into the world with his own blog, The Gay Gastronaut, a San Francisco based food/cooking/travel/drinks blog once he gets fully settled.

Vicky has also decided to leave the blog. Life is too busy for her to be out eating all the time, but we’ve got a hunch she may start her own home cooking blog in the near future.

Jules decided to cut out writing about cakes and other comfort food and will blog about only truly amazing restaurant finds.

Finally, due to the decrease in writers (and our increasing midsections), we’re going to be reducing the number of posts we post per week. You will also be seeing a change in format of The Weekly Munch in order to compensate for the reduced number of writers as well. This may change in the future if more writers get recruited, but it’s something that is necessary for the time being.

We’d also like to thank our dedicated readers and subscribers for keeping us motivated to keep writing , reviewing and sharing our experiences. Without you, The Boozy Bunch wouldn’t be the blog it has become!

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