House of Q at The Crazy Coqs – Live at Zédel

Food: ★★★☆  Service: ★★★★★  Ambiance: ★★★★  Overall: ★★★

The Boozy Bunch was kindly invited to enjoy The House of Q show on one of the few evenings they perform at The Crazy Coq at Zédel. I have to admit I never went into Zédel before, as I thought it was only the little cafe facing the street. But it is so much more. When you go downstairs you have three option: Brasserie Zédel, Live at Zêdel and Bar Américain. When we arrived the entertainment space hadn’t open up yet, so we decided to give Bar Américain a go. It’s an ok space and I’m normally a big fan of Art Deco, but it’s just a little bit too … brown. Anyway we had a some wine and a mini serving of popcorn before going into  our cabaret show.

When we entered The Crazy Coqs space the decor was quite different. Lively colours and neon paired with a chrome bar and some cute table lamps. Much more down my line. They serve cocktails, wines, Champagnes and small plates before & during the shows, but no real food. Of course you are encouraged to maybe enjoy a meal in the Brasserie or go for a cocktail at the Bar Américain before the show.

As it was a school night we were not in the mood to mix our booze and went with more wine. We also decided to have “Frites” to nibble on. I expected to get a basket of fries, like they do in France, but we got a handful of potato wedges. They were nice, but not really something to share and gone in two minutes. Pricing is very reasonable and the atmosphere of the club is intimate and cosy. The service from the waiters here was also better than next door in the bar. Just so nice. While waiting for the cabaret to begin I was just considering that this is the perfect dating spot. Cosy, with some great entertainment, but delivered in a way that one could still sneak in some flirtation with ones date, without being called out by the performers. That’s always embarrassing.

But I have to admit that we regretted taking the wine when we saw the cocktails going around the room. Next time we will definitely go and have some of those. And yes there will be a next time as the evening’s entertainment was just brilliant. The House of Q is made up of Alexander Luttley, Neil Kelso and Felicity Furore and they are an absolute delight .


Throughout the night we had some amazing singing from Alex, some cute magic tricks and piano play from adorable Neil and some saucy burlesque dancing from quite Felicity. I have to admit when Alex came on stage I was nearly squealing “It’s Boy George with a moustache.” but I manage to hold it back.

What a delightful evening we had. I picked up the program for the next weeks and I will definitely make my way back. After all it’s the perfect combination of style and fun.


Live at Zédel

20 Sherwood Street

TELEPHONE020 7734 4888



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