New Openings! The Cheese Bar


Unless you were living under a rock this week, you’ll have seen all the social media fever around London’s soon to be opened Cheese Bar. We’re Europeans, we get excited about cheese, ok?

The Cheese Bar is the new baby of former street food trader, The Cheese Truck, which specialised in grilled cheese sandwiches. I’ve always loved toasties, who doesn’t, they are a classic. But London seems to have decided in the last few years that these are a gourmet delicacy and places are popping up everywhere, from Deeney’s haggis toasties to The Melt Room.

Camden Market, the stables bit, is their new home and we just happened to be in the area yesterday to check out their soft opening. To say opening might be a bit of an overstatement as they are still building the bar area and were serving out of a hatch with two small tables outside. The Hatch is their takeaway station and you can order grilled cheeses of various delights, poutine and OMG MOZZARELLA STICKS.

I am obsessed with mozzarella sticks and no-one in the UK seems to do them very well, they are always way too skinny and overcooked. While we were waiting for our order, I checked out the sandwiches and the poutine that nearby diners were eating. Definitely cheesey, but maybe a little on the small side. I would love to try the rosemary goat cheese, honey and rosemary butter. The short rib poutine, however, looked pretty disappointing.

To be honest, the UK does not understand how poutine works. It’s not just cheese on fries, it’s supposed to be wet. Sopping with gravy and gooey with cheese melting from the heat. Their poutine didn’t even appear to have any gravy and was glorified cheese fries. Sadness. We need more Canadians over here to explain how poutine works.

Suffice to say, their giant mozzarella sticks were seriously satisfying. Look at this cheese pull! You also get a good whack of marinara sauce with it, which I could’ve eaten with a spoon. Personally I like blue cheese dip with my mozzarella sticks because I am a double-dairy monster, but this was a pretty sexy sauce too. My advice: order the sticks and a grilled cheese together and just dip that sexy sauce. Or maybe they just need to serve the sandwiches with a jug of sauce.  The Italian version of the French dip. I’m waiting for the day they decide to create a mozzarella stick sandwich.

I hope The Cheese Bar like our ideas, they know what they can pay us in…

The Cheese Bar opens officially on 23rd March, but you can get down there now for a sneaky snack.

Camden Stables Market.

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