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If there’s one thing the Boozy Bunch love beyond brunch, it’s afternoon tea. And what better combination of both than boozy afternoon tea?

As former Boozy Buncher Grant is a scientist, he suggested we try out the Science Afternoon Tea at The Ampersand Hotel in Kensington. Since they were doing a special that month, including a glass of prosecco, we were happy to oblige.

2017-01-26 15.06.44

It seems every afternoon tea in London has some kind of schtick these days and The Ampersand takes its inspiration from the nearby Science Museum.

2017-01-26 15.10.31-1.jpg

From the base, the classic savoury sandwiches have been reimagined in a gorgeous goat cheese, pumpkin and sage quiche, which was a real highlight, crayfish on toasted focaccia, smoked salmon blini and roast beef bagel. I don’t believe in bagels in afternoon tea, they lack the delicacy of the rest of the options and were also a little stale. Stick to the classics, I believe!

2017-01-26 15.10.19

Working our way up to the scones was a delight, they came with the tiniest pots of clotted cream, jam and a tube of honey toffee sauce. You barely needed any vehicle for that sauce, just squeeze it directly into your mouth! No one will judge. Aside from our complaints that the clotted cream was too small a portion, we also weren’t quite sure which was the plain scone and which was the white chocolate.


After gorging on scones, we were starting to get a little full. Okay, a lot. But onto the sweets. This is where the real ‘science’ theme starts. When the tray is dropped off, they add a little liquid smoke to make you feel like you’re back in chemistry class or at a dodgy nightclub, whatever.

For the geeks, there is a rose & lychee mocktail in a little beaker, but it was so sweet that we all left it behind. You get test tubes full of toppings, which we only realised afterwards were probably for the scones. I think this experience may have been wasted on people in their mid thirties, because the little box of chocolate ‘dinosaur excavations’ would have delighted children. We just ravaged the mint and chocolate planet mousse and little spaceman with no time wasted.

The rest we ended up getting in a to-go box so it’s definitely good value for money, especially if you are able to avail of one of their deals. Take a child, they’ll love it!

Find The Ampersand Hotel at:
10 Harrington Road,




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  1. SudsEats says:

    It looks great. I agree on the bagel front.


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