Adam’s, Michelin starred dining in Birmingham

Birmingham is officially the UK’s second city and it has a range of Michelin starred restaurants to support its status. I chose Adam’s because of its location right in the city centre and its interesting menu

Located a few minutes walk from Birmingham New Street station, the warm welcome starts the moment you walk in through the door and the friendly and classy service continued through my visit

I restrained my munching to the lunch menu on this visit but longer tasting menus are also available. I had a nice colourful mocktail to accompany my meal with fruity flavours taking me temporarily to more tropical climates in my mind

Adam’s are generous with even the lunch menu guests receiving a selection of ‘snacks’ to kick off the meal. These set the meal up perfectly. A beetroot meringue sandwiched light and complementary goat’s cheese. Then, a shell of fresh seafood. To finish the snacks, an elaborate bed of pebbles was a tray for crispy chicken skin topped with wonderful crab – my favourite snack

It was nice to see Adam’s pushing the boundaries by serving up smoked pork fat alongside butter with its bread. Trust me – it’s a lot more appetising to eat than it sounds with a moreish umami-laden hit with each mouthful

My meal proper kicked off with pollock, ginger, apple and crayfish, a delicate concoction of seafood and land-based accents. Nice to see different textures in jelly and foam too

Onto the beef main course, which reflected the pedigree of the cow and I liked the playful mini onion rings

I finished with chocolate, banana and salted caramel. Again, little surprises like the popcorn served to delight the senses with extra touches

With the bill came done lovely chocolates and a last smile-inducing playful twist – a sweet version of the beetroot meringue

I was sent on my way with cheerful goodbye and a mini box of treats for my onward journey to Manchester. A top notch meal

Adam’s Restaurant
16 Waterloo Street, Birmingham B2 5UG

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