Yang Sing, a rare high spot in Manchester’s Chinatown

Chinese have been great immigrants/expats and wherever they’ve gone, they initially congregated and grown as a community resulting in Chinatowns all over the world. My personal favourites have been New York and San Francisco and closer to home, London’s Chinatown is now belatedly diversifying from its original Cantonese roots as a result of migration mainly from Hong Kong

The flip side has been some run down Chinatowns and I recall with sadness the forlorn street that was Washington DC’s Chinatown with restaurant menus peeling from the windows as the sticky tape was no longer sticky

I was on a conference recently in Manchester and was glad to see that my hotel was a stone’s throw from Chinatown, which had a good reputation for food in the past. So, I decided to be spontaneous and look at menus in restaurant windows

I saddened by the state of the Chinatown which confronted me. A few streets with archaic looking menus. It was lifeless and had an air of a dying area

Yang Sing seemed to at least have a nice looking menu and as they served dim sum, I decided to have lunch there on the last day of the conference rather than the generic mass catered lunch being served at the conference

On arrival, I noticed a few other conference delegates had shared my idea. The interior was clean if needing a little touch up in a few areas. A couple of dishes I tried to order from the dim sum menu weren’t available, which was disappointing. Happily, the food I did order tasted good

I started with congee – porridge made with rice rather than oats. It’s perfect sickbed food but is also yummy when you’re well

My 2 dim sum dishes were woo kok and siu mai. Woo kok contains savoury meat enveloped in yam, which is then deep fried to give its distinctive crispy exterior. Siu mai are steamed pork and prawn dumplings and described by my sister as the dish which epitomises dim sum

Yang Sing was a high point in a disappointing Manchester Chinatown

Yang Sing
34 Princess Street, Manchester M1 4JY

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  1. SudsEats says:

    They are refurb’ing Yang Sing at the moment. There are so many places I never know which place to go to. I had Afternoon Tea at the big Yang Sing and it was great. It’s in my blog.


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