Meet the Boozy Bunch

The Boozy Bunch

The Boozy Bunch is a collection of food bloggers that are (mostly) located in the London area. We’re passionate about our food (and our drinks), and we hope to share our experiences of things we do in the Greater London area (with a few boozy travel blogs thrown in).

The current writers for the Boozy Bunch are as follows:

Andrew: A devoted (and slightly manic) cyclist, Andrew is forever chasing that perfect burger. In between bites of heaven in a bun, he can be found at the latest restaurant soft launch or sipping an old fashioned on a terrace or three across town. Andrew considers the bottomless part of any boozy brunch a personal challenge.

Becky: One of the Bunch’s international correspondents, Becky sadly left London a year or so ago and has been building up her street cred on the Vancouver foodie scene. When not teasing Andrew (with pictures of burgers), she can be found devouring mountains of the finest sushi and occasionally fast asleep on the couch with an item or two balanced on her head.

Bella: A tendency towards hyperbole and a thirst for new experiences means that Bella is often accused of liking everything (usually by the boozy bunch) but the truth is she is discerning you just won’t hear as much about places that were just ok, but will hear plenty about the places/food/drinks that she loves. With permanent itchy feet Bella is on the constant search for authentic cuisine at home and away but tries to keep the obnoxious “not as good as when I was in…” to a minimum except for when she’s actually in…. for this she apologises in advance.

Jules: A fussy eater in disguise. Jules pretends to be easily pleased by food, only to firstly reject half of the menu and secondly pick apart the rest of it. Next to not eating anything that ever lived or died underwater (sea or otherwise) she’s also a visual vegetarian, which means she’ll only eat meat if she cannot tell which animal it came from. Also no bacon, no gristle, no fat, no bones  … etc and so on. Aside from that … anything goes.

Linzi: The bad girl of the bunch (but with a very sweet heart), Linzi is one of the most adventurous of the bunch. She also throws one hell of a wine and cheese party for those fortunate few who receive an invite.

Robyn: The only member of the Boozy Bunch to have been both born and bred in London, she’s also one of the few to no longer be living there.  Currently somewhere in Asia on a 6-9 month jaunt, she’s blogging about her experiences on The Flashpacker and contributing long-distance to Boozy Bunch about interesting spots she finds en-route.  Robyn worked in the film industry for seven years and hails from Shepherds Bush, so has a bias towards West London and a predisposition towards the melodramatic.

Sanj: A Midlands girl turned Londoner, Sanj craves variety and rarely eats in the same restaurant twice. Brunch and afternoon tea are her favourite meals, perhaps because one can consume copious amounts of alcohol and still get to bed at a reasonable hour. Her knowledge of the London bar scene stems from the 100+ dates with guys her parents have set her up with. When she’s not being a well-behaved City worker, she can be found whisky cocktail in hand, getting overexcited by menu puns and glassware.

Yee Gan: An honorary member of the Boozy Bunch because he’s teetotal, Yee Gan puts his love of food down to his Malaysian DNA and the good food his parents surrounded him with since childhood. When not doing the day job, he can be found exploring the latest street food hotspot through to the Michelin starred newcomer. He’s also lucky to belong to the cookoff gang, who meet every few months to have a serious evening of themed cooking.

Previous writers for the Boozy Bunch:

Daniel: At this time, Daniel has left the Boozy Bunch as he has moved on to bigger and better things: A theatre reviewer! If you enjoyed his food blogs and want to check out his theatre reviews, you can find his blog here. Thanks Daniel for all your efforts!

Grant: As Grant is moving back to sunny California in January 2017, he has left the blog to concentrate on the move, but he’s planning a big return to the food blogging world once he gets back into things. Keep an eye out on for launching sometime next year and feel free to follow him on twitter in the meantime.

Vicky: Sadly, Vicky’s busy life has led her not having time to write for the blog, but she enjoyed the time she was with us, and I’m sure she’ll definitely be seeing the rest of the bunch out and and about in the world.

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5 Comments Add yours

  1. Laura says:

    do you know any unlimited/bottomless deals MID WEEK in London?!


    1. Grant says:

      Shackfuyu has started doing a Monday brunch for £35. Unlimited prosecco and pineapple sake. Two small plates, one large plate and dessert. Good deal and great food.


  2. SudsEats says:

    What a great bunch.


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