Not only does the Boozy Bunch like to eat, many of them love to cook as well! And if you’re lucky, sometimes we’ll even blog about it. So here are the recipes we’ve posted on the blog so far.


Puff pastry: Grant shares his experience with making home made puff pastry and palmiers!


Chocolate making: Vicky shares her experience and tips to make delicious chocolate at home. (For Easter or other occasions!)


Chili: Grant’s love for spicy food is why he shares this recipe for his delicious slow-cooked chili!


Gingerbread men: Vicky shares her Christmas recipe for gingerbread cookies!


Saving a supermarket steak: Vicky explains the best way to cook your supermarket steak if you don’t have time or the money to go to a proper butcher!

Keep your eye open for more recipes on the blog!